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Requiring social media content engagement?

I’m sitting this morning with a number of folks from campus integrated marketing, taking in the Higher Ed Social Media Conference. (I think I’m the only non-marketing professional in the room…)

So far, the conference has been interesting, if not very applicable to running a unit’s social media on a campus with no centralized social media body.

One takeaway so far has me excited: requiring team members to contribute, and adding that expectation to annual reports, expectations, and goals.

I’m thinking of asking the faculty to require the following of themselves (and I’m curious if any of you have tried anything similar)
Annually, but delivered 2x a year

  • 2 blog posts, on a topic of their choosing
  • 5 Facebook posts, about events, upgrades, anything they choose
  • 5 tips or neat tricks to searching or using the library
  • a write-up ahead of time of every event, with a graphic
  • 2-3 photos for every event hosted
  • 1 blog post profile/7 question interview, with a photo

The impetus behind this (for both me and the presenter) is the challenge of trying to pull content out of the folks who are producing it in other formats all the time.  At the same time, I would use this to engage a conversation across the library about the value we put on social media, and the desired level engagement of the library as a whole in the project.

I’m a little excited. And very skeptical. And curious about your experiences with things like this with your social media services?