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Librarian’s Day in the Life- round 4, day 1

This blog has been super quiet of late, but I’ve decided to resurrect it for Librarian’s Day in the Life

Library Day in the Life 4

Today, I got in at 9:00, whichis technically early (I’m officially  on a 10-6 schedule). I turned on computer, added to the to do list while it was booting up (added: input Haiti LibGuide information, remember to tweet about last day of voter’s registration, check on some feedback from Internet Librarian conference, get SA feedback on OBOC)

Sent out a tweet about the Voter Registration Kiosk in the UGL, and today’s primary deadline.

About 5 minutes after everything opened and I scanned my calendar and my email, windows wanted to reboot. I decided to elt it and went to the ladies. Came back, sent in a facilities request about the broken lights in the Ladies.

Went upstairs to ask a staff member a question, spent several minutes chatting with 6 staff on  my way to and fro.

Put together a poll of the One Book One Campus nominations selections and sent out to our Student Assistant listserv for their input. I’d really their feedback before I pick my three (but I think I’m going to select Logicomix even if none of the SAs go for it, we’ll see). This was my first time using Google Forms.  It’s pretty easy to use, I think I’m happy with it.

Answered an email from my brother who really needs a law librarian at his firm!

Consulted with a couple of colleagues about the text I drafted for the website, defining the Learning Commons. We do Learning Commons a little differently here, so the language is really challenging. Some progress, and agreement about the challenges.

Went through my email, responded to 13 emails (including the looking over the nominating ballot results for Faculty Senate)

Added several events to our UGL Recommends calendar, reprinted and reposted this weeks calendar at the reference desk

Added the Study Abroad partners to permissions for the computer at the Connections desk

This afternoon I have 1 hour on the reference desk, when I hope to start inputting the content my GA gathered for the Haiti Libguide. I then have my weekly meeting with my boss, and a meeting to discuss signage in the library

The to-do list for the week will probably not get much more attention after today — tomorrow is a research day, at least until the Collection Development Committee meeting. Wednesday is solid meetings (Librarian’s meeting, research agenda discussion, and a division meeting) and the reference desk from 10-4. Thursday I am taking a statistics workshop, and then have 2 hours on the reference desk and have scheduled 2 hours to work on my annual report. Friday is 2/3 research day, and at some point this week I have to wrap up my ACRL-IS obligations around Midwinter.

A pretty usual day, and a pretty usual week!