Deepening the Conversation

thinking about questions of authority, technology, learning, and 2.0 in academic libraries


Hello world!

When I first moved to the North Country, I was bit by a bat. I felt the need to tell everyone I knew the funny and horrifying story of how I was bit, and so I started a blog. It was known only to my friends and family, and for a while I posted regularly. And after 101 posts, I basically stopped.

Today, I begin again.

In the narcissistic age of Facebook, I feel the urge to define myself to my peers, colleagues, and unknown lurkers and virtual stalkers, many of whom only know me through twitter posts. They don’t know when I agree with them, and when I disagree. And I don’t always know where I fall along the tangled continuum of Library Conservative and 2.0 Evangelist. In this blog, we’ll find out if my dancing along that beam might make a coherent dance, or is just a recipe to fall.

If I haven’t mixed enough metaphors, I apologize. Come back soon, perhaps I’ll mutilate more.