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Usability wishlist

Thinking like a user, not a librarian:

  • I wish that library catalogs would link together fiction series. This is part of a larger wish for better fiction subject headings, but I want this more.
  • Closely followed by: public libraries (as least PL systems!) buy entire series instead of random titles within series
  • Publishers publish order of series in each book in the series
  • Stepping away from fiction, I don’t understand why publishers do not automatically and without exception list out chapters in edited volumes on the web pages where they advertise and sell those titles.
  • A less imperative wish, but those chapters in edited volumes? list the abstracts on your webpages too! You’ve got ’em, why are you hiding them? Just makes me think you don’t have any faith in the material, and I can look elsewhere for my information needs
  • All those sites in constant beta? Beta means you want feedback for improvement, right? so where are all the impossible to miss feedback buttons? (If you aren’t looking for feedback, don’t call it beta. just call it under-supported)

That’s all for now. But this will probably become a continuing series. Because I always have “why don’t they just…?!?” responses to things.

What do you wish for?