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Help me create an ACRL Leadership Discussion group?


I have put together a petition (with assistance from the always awesome Beth DuPuis!) for the creation of a Leadership Discussion group within ACRL.

I envision this group having 2 sessions at each ALA, one discussion group and one program.

Creating a Discussion Group requires 10 signatures from ACRL personal members, so, if you meet those qualifications, please sign the petition!

The text of the petition is as follows:

The Leadership Discussion Group provides a forum for conversation, communication and collaboration about leadership and management issues important to academic librarians. Leadership and management challenges in the higher education environment are unique in many ways from other non-profits or corporate arenas. Developing a platform for sharing our experiences, insights and challenges is important for enhancing librarians’ skills and developing future leaders and managers. This group embraces leadership in the broadest sense including topics such as leading from the middle, leading project teams and informal groups, leading within professional organizations, career paths for leaders.



16 thoughts on “Help me create an ACRL Leadership Discussion group?

  1. Fine work and good luck.
    Francine M. Apollo
    Coordinator of Reference and Instruction
    SUNY Cobleskill

  2. I think that it is a wonderful idea. Please keep me posted.

  3. I am also a member of LLAMA where many of these topics are covered. I highly recommend forming a joint discussion group with LLAMA and possibly PLA. There are precedents with interdivisional cooperation (ACRL/LLAMA)with a new members discussion group and a building design wiki.
    Laverna Saunders
    University Librarian
    Duquesne University

  4. Great idea – Please keep me informed as well. Best of luck.

  5. A wonderful idea and much needed. Looking forward to the creation of the discussion group.

  6. Laverna, thanks for your comments re LLAMA.

    I think once the group is started there is opportunity for some great joint programs. The impetus behind forming a discussion group within ACRL is to focus on the distinctive challenges, opportunities, and obligations of leadership within the academic library environment. There is certainly overlap with leadership issues in general, and this group does not mean to take away from LLAMA’s work in management issues. I would very much like to see this discussion group take off, and look for collaboration opportunities once we have a chance to focus on academic issues for a conference or two.

  7. And thanks everyone for your support! I am really excited about creating this grouop — and apparently you all are too! We’re at over 50 signatures, in less than a day!

    I’m not sure if I should close it today or not; we only need 10 signatures, but I think I want to capture as much support as possible.

  8. Terrific idea! I’m looking forward to participating in this group!

    Jen Bartlett
    Head of Reference Services
    University of Kentucky Libraries

  9. I would be interested in this group. Thank you for your efforts. Please keep me posted.

    Michelle L. Young, MLS
    Director of Libraries, Associate Professor
    Clarkson University

  10. Excellent idea Rudy. Good luck with it!

    Stephen Fowlkes, MLIS, MPS
    New Orleans, La.

  11. I’d participate! I think it’s needed.
    Elizabeth Kocevar-Weidinger
    Instruction/Reference Services Librarian/Professor
    Greenwood Library, Longwood University

  12. I would support a leadership discussion group.

    Judy Solberg
    Director of Public Services
    Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons
    Seattle Universtiy

  13. I am so thrilled to see the strength of response to this topic! Don;t forget to sign the petition though! Commenting here makes me feel good, but so does seeing the rising number of people signing on in support.

    We are already vastly beyond the required signatures (we got there in less than an hour) but I think there’s power is seeing how well received this idea is. Plus, it gives me a starter group of emails to let folks know what we’ll have going on!

  14. I think it’s a good idea to provide a forum for collaborating about leadership and management issues. Thanks.

    Linda McCann
    Director, Library Services
    Bucks County Community College
    Newtown, PA

  15. I think this is an excellent idea. Thanks.
    Sally Willson Weimer

  16. Thank you for taking this initiative! This would fill a void in ACRL.

    Debbie Gaspar
    Instruction Coordinator
    The George Washington University

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