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research agenda, or potsherds?

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This week, although short, is almost completely devoted to research time. I have a meeting and 6 hours on the reference desk, but other than that i have set aside this time to work out a plan for research over winter break, and see if there’s anything I can get done in the next few days.

The biggest challenge? Work has been a whirlwind of tasks for so long that I’m not entirely sure what I wanted to research any more…

There’s the presentation I did in May that could be turned into an article, about moving web evaluation from BI (where it lives but was born after) into IL (where is was born but also never lived).

And then there’s the big project — about pedagogy and cognitive levels and the appropriateness of scholarly journals for lower division undergraduates and librarian’s roles in faculty uses of scholarly journals in their classes (which also rubs against the question of what an undergraduate collection looks like and what a library “Is”)– and one of my hopes is to see if I can break that giant squid of a project out into smaller agendas that have publishable parts. (this project may be my great white whale. I am certain there is something here, valuable and important and should change they way we think about undergraduate libraries and their place in the educational institution. but short of a sabbatical, or a return to school for a PhD, I’m afraid I will never get to dive in)

But over the past year I have made research and inspiration notes in at least two wikis and a GoogleDoc, an annual report or two and possibly a word file and maybe also in one of my two idea notebooks… sigh.

So today, I am a textual archaeologist, sorting through the potsherds of my life to gather together the thoughts and ideas I have had into a manageable, maintainable and centralized list.


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