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A North Country moment

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There are moments when I realize that even though I reject a strictly urban life, I remain a city girl at heart.

Yesterday I attended a SUNY-wide meeting 3 hours away (and on the other side of the lake-effect snow belt, which kept the drive down interesting!). I spent close to two hours grocery shopping after the meeting (oh Wegmans, how I ❤ you!) and got back on the road at full dark. Two hours into the drive, clipping along at 60 on this rural highway, I see a shape on the side of the road, and tap the brakes. I get closer, and slam on them — it’s a cow! A huge cow! Cow. Just standing in my lane. It looked at me for a second and wandered across the road, causing a car in the oncoming lane to slam it’s brakes as well.

I pull over, decide to call 911 and when I report there’s a cow in the road, Route X, just south of town Y, the sheriff asks two questions: (1) was it a light or dark cow? (2) Am I in front of drugstore C, or Pub S? I have no idea what color the cow was, and drive with the sheriff on the bluetooth until I can answer the second question. She acted like the loose cow on the road was no big deal, and I was just laughing at how insanely local the whole thing was!

Five minutes later, I passed a possel of Amish carriages, which must have left someplace later than expected because they didn’t have their lanterns lit.

Moments like these bemuse me endlessly, and remind me that I live in a place like no where else on earth.

I’m off to put together my costume for a theme party — theme is Prohibition. I’m going metaphorical, representing free speech.


One thought on “A North Country moment

  1. You ARE a city girl. I would never call the cops to report a cow loose on the road. But, I’m a farm girl, raised on one from the age of 4, so cows getting loose is kind of common, and my first inclination is to call the neighbors. Or, if I’m in a place I don’t know, I just keep driving. Most often people know when their cows get out, or they know shortly after, and they’re already looking for them.

    You’re totally cute! I love hearing about things that are common to me from someone else’s perspective where it isn’t so common. Yep, cows out, happens frequently. 🙂

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