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Hello world!


When I first moved to the North Country, I was bit by a bat. I felt the need to tell everyone I knew the funny and horrifying story of how I was bit, and so I started a blog. It was known only to my friends and family, and for a while I posted regularly. And after 101 posts, I basically stopped.

Today, I begin again.

In the narcissistic age of Facebook, I feel the urge to define myself to my peers, colleagues, and unknown lurkers and virtual stalkers, many of whom only know me through twitter posts. They don’t know when I agree with them, and when I disagree. And I don’t always know where I fall along the tangled continuum of Library Conservative and 2.0 Evangelist. In this blog, we’ll find out if my dancing along that beam might make a coherent dance, or is just a recipe to fall.

If I haven’t mixed enough metaphors, I apologize. Come back soon, perhaps I’ll mutilate more.


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. You were bit by a bat? Are you serious?

    I didn’t know you blogged…ya, I’m subscribing to it!

    I just started one last week, but I don’t want to talk all academic, I do things outside the library world, so I don’t really know what my blog is…but, we shall see.

    Anyhoo, love the latest post about give ’em what they want, too.

    See ya!

  2. Thanks LeAnn! It’s a very new blog, only a couple days old.

    The bat story was ridiculous, it was the week I finally got all my stuff and moved out of the hotel and into my place, maybe the second night I slept there? Animal control said I should just catch it, best way to do it (supposedly) is to throw a sheet over it. My ass! Three hours later, and one throat raw from screaming, I finally caught it when it landed. And tied it into a pillow case. And wrapped it into another sheet. And put that in another pillow case. And then watched two hours of RonCo commercials while I waited for the vet to open so they could test it for rabies (don’t even ask me about the horrifying drive to drop it at the vets– what if it had gotten out in the car?!?!?)

    Sad thing is, most folks in these parts have a ‘bitten by a bat’ story

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